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Cleaned Lines is a full-service scoping, proofreading and transcription company. Because we have a team of highly qualified, expert scopists, proofreaders and transcriptionists, we are a one-stop-shop for court reporters and other professionals looking to ease their demanding workloads. Court reporters can submit their files and trust that we will meet their deadline and produce a flawless transcript. Clients in need of general editing and proofreading can rely on this same quality of service.


In addition to our scoping and proofreading services for court reporters, we offer first-rate, reliable proofreading services across all industries, with a quick turnaround for students and busy professionals. Our team of professionals and proofreaders are educated, experienced, and based in the US.  You can rely on our team to deliver impeccable work in less than 24 hours, if needed.


Cleaned Lines also offers transcription in a variety of areas, including legal, medical, law, and insurance.


Why Use a Scopist?

Your transcript is your reputation.  A job that is less-than-perfect is a reflection on your reliability and proficiency as a court reporter. Your clients expect perfection, so why risk the embarrassment of submitting a flawed transcript?


With over 20 years of scoping, proofreading and transcribing experience, you can depend on our expert team to render specialized attention to your transcript. From initiation of the job, to completion, you can enjoy a seamless hand-off and know that we will clean every line of your transcript. We exist to ensure your transcripts are flawless.


Scoping doesn’t just eliminate the worry of an unclean transcript, our services also save you time and unnecessary stress. Partnering with Cleaned Lines enables you to take on more jobs while knowing that your existing work is being perfected by our expert scopists—precision without concern.



Interested in working for Cleaned Lines?  Contact us today!


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