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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the quickest way for me to get my job into Cleaned Lines for scoping/proofreading?


The best way for our team of scopists and proofreaders to get working on your job right away is to fill out the online Order Form and Preference Sheet and submit your job files along with audio files.  You will receive an email from us that the job has been received and you can rest assured that it is being worked on.


How can I check on the progress of my job?


You can email us any time at and someone will get back to you right away with an update.


How do I know how much a job will cost for the services I request?


There is a pricing format that you can check.  That should give a very accurate accounting of what you can expect to pay for each service provided.


How can I totally hand off my job to Cleaned Lines for scoping, proofreading and turn-in to my agency?


This is why we exist!  We would love to handle your job from beginning to end for you.  When you upload your job to us, please select the Platinum Package and we will handle all aspects of the editing part of the job, and we will copy you on the turn-in email to your agency so that you know when that has been completed.


How do I pay for my services?


We request an upfront deposit on all jobs through our website, and the remainder will be due upon receipt of the file the same way.


How do I know that you will format my job the way I prefer?


We have formulated a Preference Sheet that tells us exactly how you prefer certain situations to be handled.  Each person that is working on your file will automatically get a copy of your preference sheet.  All requests by you will be strictly adhered to by each scopist and proofreader.


What software programs does Cleaned Lines work with?


We have scopists available at all times working on both Eclipse and Case Catalyst, however, we can work using .rtf files for any program other than those two.


Do you accept all types of work from all types of reporters?


Yes, we do!  We work with freelance reporters as well as court officials and even CART writers.

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