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Cleaned Lines, LLC

We exist to streamline our clients’ work and refine the end result. Our clients think of our team as an extension of themselves.


We offer three unique and complementary services to court reporters:


Working with us is as easy as uploading your ASCII/RTF and WAV files. Check out our about us, or contact us for more information on Cleaned Lines.





Scopist Services

Our scoping process is seamless.  We receive the court reporter’s job and audio file through our secure upload.  One of our expert scopists will review the files and, using advanced training and skills, the job will be edited to perfection.  The transcript will then be produced using CAT software, applying the court reporter’s preferred format. We will flag any indeterminate areas and contact the court reporter by email or phone for clarification. Once the scoping process is complete, we will commence with the proofreading process. If the court reporter wishes to proofread the transcript at this point, we will return the file (not proofread) in transcript format.


If the court reporter would like Cleaned Lines to proofread the transcript, a separate, highly-qualified proofreader will review the formatted transcript for grammatical errors. We believe that a transcript should be proofed by a fresh set of eyes. This philosophy eliminates the potential for missed errors and ensures 100% accuracy.


Once the transcript is clean, we will return the flawless transcript to you or submit it directly to your agency on your behalf. (Your client will never know we touched the transcript!  The submitted transcript will only include your name and/or business.  We exist to make you look good.)

Scopist Services
Proofreadig Services
Proofreading Services

Once the scoping process is complete, proofreading is essential.  Grammatical errors are common for even the most seasoned professionals in the field. In today’s competitive market, court reporters cannot risk typos; an unclean transcript is a reflection on your reliability as a court reporter. Your reputation is everything and therefore the quality of your work must be impeccable. We understand the importance of your work, and we are here for you. Our dedicated team guarantees perfection.

Gernal Proofreading Services
General Proofreading Services

In addition to providing proofreading services to court reporters, the editorial staff at Cleaned Lines works in a variety of industries to revise, edit and proofread documents. Our team of editors and proofreaders is fully educated and specially trained to thoroughly review your document. Our team takes pride in providing the best quality proofreading service for affordable prices. We carefully review your submission, track changes and provide you with a final product in less than 24 hours. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.


Our 24-hour Proofreading Process:
Upload Your Document
Make a Secure Payment Through PayPal
Our Experts Proofread the Document
Our Experts Return the Documents with Changes
Transcription Services
Transcription Services

In addition to our scoping and proofreading services, we also offer full-service transcription across all industries. Our diverse team of exceptionally-skilled and experienced transcriptionists have backgrounds in legal and medical services, law enforcement, linguistics, and more.


Our transcriptionists are real people, located in the US. We do not use non-human software or algorithms.  We assign a highly qualified and experienced transcriptionist that specializes in the content area of the transcript. Because our transcriptionists are located in the US and specialize in the field to which they are assigned, we are able to certify accurate work and a fast turnaround. Once a file is transcribed, our proofreaders will serve as an extra set of eyes to ensure the finished work is flawless.


For an official quote for transcription services, please submit the quote request form below.

Transcription Services Quote Request Form

If you have any questions feel free to chat with us, or contact us at anytime.

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I love the clear and constant communication with Cleaned Lines.  I don’t like handing my “babies” off to just anybody without checking in.  They were very gracious with returning all of my emails immediately.  Cleaned Lines is my new assistant.


-Marybeth, Court Reporter


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