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Ugh. You're walking out of the worst deposition ever. Your writing was crap, the room was full of jerks, you're starving, and they want this expedited. Can this be real? Oh, it's real, and it happens every day in our profession. We receive calls constantly from stressed out, upset and overwhelmed court reporters.

Luckily, this is our forte. Our motto is "here to help," and we stand by it!

Here's a few things that may help you de-stress after a tough day:

1. If you wear a bra, take it off. 2. If you are going to edit this job yourself, prepare your favorite cup of coffee or tea.

3. If you are going to use a scopist, email, text or call Cleaned Lines, LLC as soon as possible. 4. What we suggest here at number four depends on what you choose above for numbers two and three. 5. But no matter which decision you made, we do recommend staying calm, cool and collected.

6. If you chose option number two, calculate how many pages per hour you edit. Create a timeline based on that number so that you can be sure to get that job in on time. 7. If you chose option number three, take a nap. 8. Picture what you will do with all that extra money from the expedite.


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